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Welcome to Velour Heart

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Velour Heart is a labor of love dedicated to my mother, Norma, who has been my life's inspiration. All my handmade work is lovingly developed, created and sewn with her guidance, strength and most of all love. I began sewing at age ten and soon realized how much
I loved creating beautiful things from concept to completion. My strength and passion is then sewn in each and every thing I do.


Several years ago I became a Level II Reiki Practitioner and each piece purchased through Velour Heart has Reiki energy added to it.
Everything I make has a green heart, my signature, which is reminiscent of the green velour robe Norma wore while she did her needlework.
At Velour Heart I will create pillows, quilts, bags and other novelties "uniquely you", as per your instructions, that will live in the hearts of those you choose.  Tell what is in your heart and I will create it.